ASP.NET Core 2.2 For Beginners (Part 1): Your First ASP.NET Core Application

If you haven’t already installed Visual Studio 2019 version 16.0.0. version or later, you can download a free copy here:

Now that you have Visual Studio 2019 installed on your computer, it’s time to create your first solution and project.

  1. Start Visual Studio 2019 and click the Create a new project button (image below the bullet list).
  2. Select NET Core Web Application in the template list and click the Next button. You can type Web in the search bar to filter the available templates (see image below).
  3. In the Configure your new project dialog:
    1. Name the project AspNetCore22Intro in the Name
    2. Select a folder for the solution in the Location
    3. Name the solution AspNetCore22Intro in the Solution name
    4. Make sure that the Create directory for solution checkbox is checked.
    5. Click the Create
  4. In the project template dialog:
    1. Select.NET Core andNET Core 2.2. in the two drop-downs.
    2. Select Empty in the template list.
    3. Click the OK button in the wizard...
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